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Puppet Master II

"Every puppet needs a master..."

To bring their master back to life, the possessed puppets gather pieces of brains from the humans they murder.

The survivors stay on the site and meet a mysterious man that pretends to have been living in the house for decades. They do not doubt that they are facing the person who is trying to track them down.





Puppet Master 2 is as good as the original even if their stories are very similar. The puppets are still thirsty for blood and have added a new member to their team: a flame-throwing robot.

Full Moon Entertainment, who produced this movie and many other horror films is known for having bad actors and poor quality visual effects, can be proud of having conceived this jewel. If it had been directed better, this movie would be marvelous.

It pleased me to know more on the puppets. If a series is made to create multiple sequels, this is it. Lets hope that they will learn how to manage a budget before the tenth sequel.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- A victim having his brain pierced by Tunneller's brain drill.

- Andre Toulon, attacked by the puppets, shatters like glass.

Memorables characters
- Blade
- Pinhead
- Leech Woman
- Tunneler
- Jester
- Torch

Released in: 1990

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Monsters

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( 2001-12-02 )  

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