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Demonic Toys

"Some toys that want to have a little fun too..."

A roasted-chicken deliveryman delivers in a factory of toys where the blood of a robber has resuscitated a horde of possessed dolls. A policeman, a security guard, the deceased robberís accomplice and the deliveryman become their targets.

From room to room, they will try to struggle their way out but will discover that there is still worse than the puppets to be feared.





One could believe Demonic Toys gathers all the puppets which were not original enough for Puppet Master (both directed by Full Moon Pictures). First of all, there is the chief of the puppets: Oopsy-Daisy. She is everything else than scary: her mouth moves but not the rest. The Jack-in-the-Box is probably most interesting of all. The teddy bear, besides its capacity to double its size, is nothing more than ugly and badly conceived. In addition, lets not forget the robots with rifles and the mini-soldiers.

The film is still not that bad until one of these one-foot-tall soldiers saves the party by fighting all the malicious toys, or until the small bear turns into a giant. Furthermore, because we didnít suspect it, we learn that the devil hides behind all of this. He first appears under the appearance of a young boy who has a hard time synchronizing his lips with the serious voice of his true identity. Then, to add insult to injury, he shows his true identity and horns grow on him to show how evil he is.

The special effects are bad, the puppet masters steal the show from the puppets and the dialogues between dolls and victims resemble children insulting each other. Demonic Toys is still amusing if it isnít taken too seriously.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects

Memorables characters
- The Jack-in-the-Box

Released in: 1992

Movie type: Horror - Monsters

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( 2001-12-03 )  

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