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"A theater swarming with demons…"

A new movie theatre opens its doors. They present a horror movie where post-adolescents discover a mask. One of them cuts himself on the mask and is slowly transformed into a demonic murderer.

A spectator recalls having been cut by a decorative mask when entering the building. She too becomes a demon and attacks the other spectators. Quickly, the theatre becomes the breeding ground of demos because once you are bitten or clawed by a demon, you become one. The doors are locked and impossible to break down.





Demons is a fun movie to watch thanks to lots of violence and a simple storyline. On the other hand, there is no suspense. It is comparable to other living dead movies where a few heroes survive their race’s contamination and fight to survive. Before the last few minutes, we don’t really know who is the hero or who will survive. I sense that this was planned and I like the idea.

The lack of budget is hidden behind a very dark reddish lighting. Therefore, it is harder to distinguish the quality of the special effects.

I found it weird that at a certain point in the movie, there were many more survivors than demons and then suddenly the situation is inversed without any warning. The conclusion follows the rules of Italian horror films.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The hero attacking the hord of monsters, while riding a motorcycle, with a katana he holds in his hand.
- A ball of puss exploding from the cheek of the first to be contaminated.

Memorables characters
- The masked ticket distributor

Released in: 1985

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Invaders - Monsters

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Dawn of the Dead (remake)
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( 2001-12-12 )  

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