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From Dusk Till Dawn

"Crossing the Mexican border may avoid the cops, but not the vampires."

Two criminals who want to flee to Mexico take a family hostage. They hide in an uncommon tavern, filled with truckers and strippers.

When a fight starts, one of the criminals is cut on the hand and his blood reveals the true identity of the barmen, waiters and strippers: they are vampires. Those that are bitten are slowly transformed into creatures of the same type.

The family and the two criminals have to defend themselves against a hundred of these creatures with wooden stakes and holy water.





Tarantino has once again reunited his best friends in this high budget movie. Rare are Hollywood movies that respect the sacred rules of horror but this is one of them. The actors are credible. I loved the irony where the hostages become friends with the terrorists to defend themselves against a worse enemy.

The first 45 minutes reveal a typical Quentin Tarantino movie mixed with a bit of western. That doesn’t make it a bad movie. In fact, it gives personality to the complete series that follow this formula.

What I have always hated about vampire and werewolf movies are the little magic objects that are used to beat them. For example, silver bullets, garlic, holy water, wooden stakes through the heart and other holy objects. From Dusk Till Drawn is filled with these objects and that is what I disliked the most. Crossing pieces of wood has never been as useful to get out of trouble.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The orchestra using human remains as instruments.
- Sex Machine's secret pistol.
- The transformations of Sex Machine and Frost

Memorables characters
- Seth Gecko (George Clooney)
- Richard Gecko (Quentin Tarantino)
- Doorman (Cheech Marin)
- Sex Machine (Tom Savini)

Released in: 1996

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Gothism - Invaders - Monsters - Western - Humor - Nudity - Coarse Language

In the same series:
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( 2001-12-12 )  

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