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Stand, The

"If 99% of the planet died tomorrow..."

An experiment on a biological virus turns to tragedy when it escapes and and contaminates a scientific laboratory. The only survivor, a security guard, and his family escape and flee to a small village in Texas. However, the disease spreads and infects the whole country. Authorities may try to hide the facts, but 99% of the population suffer from symptoms similar those of a cold and do not think that they are about to die.

The survivors have little time to flee before bodies starts to decompose, electricity is cut and food rots...

A few survivors reunite in Nebraska to meet a woman that has communicated by telepathy with them in their dreams. Others follow the way of a macabre man and head to Las Vegas.

Something is about to happen. The Nebraska clan has to stop it at all cost, without even knowing what they will fight against. All that they know that the plans of the leader of the Las Vegas survivors have to be stopped.





The Stand is first of all a philosophical film with very little special effects but lots of detail. We meet around thirty characters and learn about their personalities and how they act and react in their own individuality.

The Stand is a philosophical drama film with a touch of horror. It is difficult to talk about apocalypse without showing us a few cadavers but I do not feel that it makes a horror movie. In fact, the biological disaster is not even the subject of the movie. Everything revolves around war between God, the Devil and their apostles because the devil has taken advantage of the situation.

The Stand offers an incredible line-up of actors. The quality of the acting can be distinguished in this story because The Stand is a made for TV movie and therefore censorship and the visual aspect greatly affect the movie. It is also what has ruined the movie for me.

Just like Langoliers, also from Stephen King, The Stand uses a faster frequency of images per second, which sometimes gives the movie an amateur look. Furthermore, the special effects are of very low quality. I have trouble believing that the moviemakers have invested so much money in the actors and so little in the special effects, especially for a movie signed by "the master of horror".

Such a situation offers many emotional moments. However, the manner in which the scenes are filmed leaves us little or no time to be emotional. Because the movie lasts around six hours, when a familiar character dies (and many die) the movie becomes much more intense. Another negative element is after six hours of suspense and waiting for vengeance for the dead, a pitiful conclusion awaits us.

Furthermore, the scene is so badly filmed and the special effects are awful that it makes things even worse. If the film had any sense, the characters would have tried to get revenge but the ending is incoherent and unrealistic. All spy missions, the pilgrimages, rescue missions and sabotage missions, realized in the name of God by the Nebraska group, were useless. Also, I had a bitter feeling of wasting six hours to watch this movie.

Briefly, The Stand is an excellent yet very long movie where the story follows the dialogues between characters. I would have preferred seeing more unknown actors to allow for a bigger special effects budget.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The introduction credits
- Harold's motorcycle accident

Memorables characters
- Nadine Cross (Laura San Giacomo)

Released in: 1994

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Science Fiction - Fantasy - Drama - Tragedy - Political - Diseases - Religions

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( 2001-12-15 )  

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