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Pet Sematary II

"What you bury there always comes back."

Jeff moves to Maine with his father after the death of his mother. He moves into a house very close to a cemetery of which many people talk about. A few years ago, a father brought his son back to life by burying him there. However, the kid came back with a demonic rage and murdered his mother.

Jeff meets Drew, the son-in-law of the sheriff. One night, the sheriff shoots down Drew’s dog. The two adolescents believe the legends and bury the dog in the haunted cemetery. The dog is brought back to life but attacks his murderer. The adolescents, understanding that things have gone too far, bring the sheriff back to life but he too comes back with a different personality. Everything that comes back from the cemetery no longer has a soul and acts like beasts.





Pet Sematary is, in my humble opinion, one of the best horror movies of all time. However, while sequel does not rival its predecessor it is still an excellent film. It is the typical example of movie studios throwing powder into the eyes of fans by scarifying the atmosphere of a movie for action and popular actors.

Since Pet Sematary is still a good movie, let us underline its qualities. Clancy Brown, who plays the role of the sheriff of the village, is excellent in his role, especially when he comes back from the dead. He is the first joking, impolite and bi-polar zombie that I have seen on screen. Sometimes he plays the hero, sometimes the villain, but always by killing. In fact, the movie revolves a lot around him.

The cliché where the hero arrives in a village where everyone knows what to do and what not to do is not too noticeable because this is a sequel but Jeff (Edward Furlong) still has to answer to a school bully. I never managed to guess the age of the characters that Edward Furlong personified but if he looks as young as he is (15-16 years old), the movie deserves a round of applause for letting adolescents die, rather than post-adolescents. Often enough, in horror movies where the heroes are still in the age of supposed innocence, they all survive: a fact that annoys me greatly. In this movie, Jeff’s friends and foes are both victims.

I greatly appreciated the final credits where a slideshow of portraits of each deceased character is shown over a cemetery background.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Gus's neck, embellished by a ball of puss during he zombie phase.
- Gus, cutting up all of his rabbits.
- Gus, grating Brad’s head in the wheels of his motorcycle.

Memorables characters
- Gus Gilbert (Clancy Brown)

Released in: 1992

Movie type: Horror - Monsters

In the same series:
Pet Sematary

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( 2001-12-31 )  

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