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From Dusk Till Dawn 2 : Texas Blood Money

"Breaking into a bank will bring your fortune but not luck..."

A group of Texans plan a bank robbery. One of their partners is late. He finally arrives, but under the secret identity of a vampire. The others don't doubt a thing.

Bit by bit, he shares his infection throughout the group by biting his teammates who also become vampires. By the time where those who are still human realize why the others are acting strange, a war between the races will begin.





This sequel once again features bandits, vampires and beautiful women. In the middle of a chase between the police and the bandits, our characters discover that their friends are vampires, which creates an interesting turn in the movie. There are no real good guys but we can still predict that Buck, the hero, will eventually become friends with the sheriff.

Many will say that this movie is not as good as its predecessor. I personally feel that this movie should be the model to follow for a sequel. We forget everything about the characters of the original and concentrate on new events that follow what happened previously. It is a very logical follow-up and there are too many stories with a hero that we are convinced will survive. Furthermore, the formula taken from the original where half the movie has the style of an action/western that, in the blink of an eye, becomes a horror movie is great and all the elements of continuity are adequate.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The group of vampires leaving the bank to attack the police officers.
- Jesus training his dog by making him run on a treadmill.

Memorables characters
- Jesus (Raymond Cruz)

Released in: 1999

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Monsters - Western - Humor - Coarse Language

In the same series:
From Dusk Till Dawn

Films in similar category:
From Dusk Till Dawn
Night Life
Within the Woods

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( 2002-01-05 )  

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