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Sometimes They Come Back... For More

"Something that feeds on your life and memories..."

Two military commandos are sent into Antarctic to save the survivors of a murderous rampage. They find employees and try to find the others. The base seems deserted but cameras show the opposite. A killer is on the loose and seems to resist the lowest temperatures.

One of the commandos is suddenly bombarded with war memories and everything leads to believe that it was destiny that brought him here.

As their quest progresses, less probable are the chances of finding survivors and the closer they get to the heart of evil.





The third in the series since Sometimes They Come Back... has nothing in common with the original other than what explains the war memories (the punch of the story). However, these flashbacks talk about a woman that our hero loved profoundly and that left him for his best friend. It is true that these events do not happen in the space of a second like is shown to us in the short sequence but even if this was true, the poor guy should have seen it coming, seeing the woman’s bad reputation.

Anyways, it is obvious that tying this movie to an already existing one was a better idea than releasing a new movie with a name resembling "low-budget on ice" but I would have preferred something more like its predecessors. The cold atmosphere, which is not only figuratively, is very unpleasant. Throughout the movie, only ten or so actors appear and only five have important roles. They are good actors but nothing more.

The movie is in fact a mystery that is resolved in the last twenty minutes but we can guess the solution after thirty minutes. There is also a zombie aspect to the movie, but just barely. The quality of the images, sound, ambiance and surprises are efficient. For those who enjoy monster movies, I must say that the claws you see piercing the ground on the cover of the box are only a trap.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 1998

Movie type: Horror - Monsters

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( 2002-01-05 )  

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