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Joy Ride

"We'll see who laughs last..."

Lewis offers to go meet his friend Venna, who is far away. Driving a cheap car that he bought for the occasion, he finds out by telephone that his brother is out of jail. He picks him up for the rest of the ride. When they stop to get gas, Lewis’s brother, Fuller, gives him an amateur radio.

As to put some action in the trip, they invite, by imitating the voice of an imaginary young woman, a trucker to come to the motel room next to theirs.

When they awaken, authorities tell them that there was a massacre in the room in question. Then, they receive a radio signal. The trucker has found them and knows that they are guilty. Wherever they hide, the trucker will track them down.





Who better to play the role of the mysterious trucker than Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs)? At first, he gives us the impression of being a big lonely slob. His voice is seizing and reminds us of the usual trucker. However, the more the movie advances, the more his lack of education, love and his father’s beatings surface.

This movie marked me because of its suspense. The spectator is not frequently startled but the wait is intense. At first, I hoped to see Fuller, the hero’s evil brother, die and as soon as possible. Also, we are lead to believe that the movie that the movie will revolve around the relationship between Venna and Lewis. It is not the case. Anyways, other than her special talent to always reveal her nipples through her sweaters, Venna isn't a very complex character.

We barely see the crazy trucker during the movie. He drives a huge black ten-wheeler, he is barbaric, obsessed and his voice makes us shiver. I counted three scenes of violence but the film isn’t axed on violence, so it doesn’t matter. I would have enjoyed seeing one of our heroes distribute twenty or thirty punches to the trucker but I imagine that we will have to wait for a sequel. And yes, fortunately the conclusion opens the door to a series.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- The first victim, her lips and gums torn off her face.
- The killer’s black truck that willingly collides with a truck containing ice.
- The trucker torturing Fuller by piercing his leg with an iron rod.
- The trucker mentioning a broken light on Lewis’s car while they insult each other by radio. The two heroes look back to discover that they are followed, very closely.

Memorables characters
- The Trucker

Released in: 2001

Movie type: Horror - Thriller

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( 2002-01-05 )  

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