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Wishmaster 3 : Beyond the Gates of Hell

"Angels have seen enough of the Djinn"

On her campus, a girl discovers a ruby inside of a secret box. She unwillingly gives life once again to an evil djinn who has been warned about by legends for centuries.

To be unnoticeable in a crowd, the djinn takes possession of the body of his first victim. His goal: obtain three wishes from who awakened him, which would plunge Earth into total chaos.

During his quest, he amuses himself by accepting wishes from those who then become his victims: however, those who do not formulate their wishes correctly suffer the consequences.





The first two episodes had their bad sides, but this one is filled. It starts in the usual way and I was eager to be in the presence of Andre Divoff in the role of the djinn. To my great disarray, a giant test-tube baby with blond hair has replaced him. My first thought was to rewind the movie and return it. Then, still in a bad mood, I forced myself to watch the movie: without this, you wouldn't be reading this review.

The actors are horrible, the hero is too fat and not very pretty for the standards of this type of movie, the actions are slow and, because this fact is very important to me, the new djinn is an insult to the original.

The murders were interesting and very well orchestrated, however. This is mostly because, most of the time, the djinn grants wishes as he pleases, by manipulating the words of his victims. Elinorís death was very amusing. She was interested by the possessed professor and wanted to have her "heart broken".

Another girl, not knowing the djinn was spying on her, wished to find a hiding place and is trapped in a rat cage. After a few more murders, a victim vomits his insides to lose weight. I didnít understand why, but when the djinn asks him what he wishes, one of the adolescents responds "Impale me".

For the first time in the series, the thing that will kill the evil djinn is sought. It is the only thing that creators can be proud of in this sequel.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Elinorís heart exploding graphically.
- Dianaís enemy vomiting his insides.

Memorables characters

Released in: 2001

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Monsters - Fantasy

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( 2002-01-06 )  

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