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Creepshow 2

"These comic books have stories to tell, people to kill..."

Backed by a cartoon with five portions, three horror stories are presented one after each other:

Old Chief Woodenhead
Three hoodlums rob an old man and his wife, who have been the owners of a corner store for many years. The old man, trying to protect his wife and possessions is shot down. Then, so is his wife. When leaving the store, the murderers vandalize an ancient wooden statue that decorated the front of the store and on which the old man had worked so hard. The three bandits have a quiet night separately while the Indian comes life to get revenge for the storeowners. One after the other, the robbers will be victims of the wooden Indian.

The Raft
Two guys and two girls isolate themselves on a deserted beach for a swim. A huge mass of slime that floats on the water forces them to take refuge on a raft. The viscous mass doesn't leave them and when one of the most adventurous girls wants to touch it, she is severely burned and then dragged into the water. The mass is determined to swallow them all. It waits for one of them to jump to feed itself.

The Hitchhiker
A woman that regularly cheats on her husband with a male prostitute hits a hitchhiker on the way home. Because her husband would doubt her fidelity if she turned herself in, she continues on her way, hoping no one saw her. Then, a few kilometres later, the hitchhiker climbs on the car and harasses her. She succeeds in killing him a second time but he will come back again and again until he gets revenge.





The concept of the cartoon is excellent. It gives us some time between each story. Even if Stephen King and George Romero is the worse mix ever imagined, this movie is a great success for horror fans, and with reason.

Old Chief Woodenhead
The story is very simple. Such a short story wouldn't be as effective it wasn't simple but this one is a bit ordinary. The Indian is not very well animated. Some horror movies (Dolly, Pinnochio's' Revenge) shouldn't play with special effects if they can't realize them properly. The first murder is quick and simple; we don't see the second one. The third one, on the other hand, it is pretty interesting. However, the action takes time to happen.

The Raft
This is by far the story I prefer. I have never had any pity for excessive pot smokers that die with great atrocity but here I make an exception. One of the four is a typical well-built guy. He is a bit aggressive towards women and his lack of complexity and intelligence makes him the second victim, before my amazed eyes. Then, the intellectual takes advantage of the situation by observing the chest of the girlfriend of the previous victim before seeing her get swallowed by the mass. This scene was intense and I was on the edge of my seat. I would have loved for this story to last for hours.

The Hitchhiker
This sketch is pretty macabre and captivating. It is not a complex story, however. The most interesting thing here is how hard the woman fights against the hitchhiker. She runs him over with her car, runs into him and crushes him against trees. She does practically everything a human would really do in a similar situation. I would have liked to see how the hitchhiker finally gets rid of the flighty woman.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Lavergne being swallowed by the slimy mass.
- Dickís leg exploding and hitting him in the face, under the suction of the mass.
- The hitchhiker being crushed over and over.
- The wooden Indian removing Samís scalp.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1987

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Thriller - Monsters - Nudity - 2D Animations

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( 2002-01-06 )  

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