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Wishmaster 2 : Evil Never Dies

"Prisoners have so many wishes to fulfill"

An art thief unknowingly delivers the djinn. Gradually, she discovers a psychic link with him. Just like legends mentioned, the djinn needs 1001 souls to realize a prophecy. To do it, he must realize the wishes of each of these individuals. Then, when that is realized, the person who released him must ask for three wishes.

To force his victims to say their wishes out load, the djinn builds himself a reputation of a wish realizing gangster, from prison to the casino, by passing through a mafia bar until he can reach the one who gave him life once again.





Everything that I enjoyed in the original, other than Andrew Divoff (the djinn), is absent: the budget, Robert Englund, cameos by other horror movie stars, special effects and atmosphere. The murders are interesting. In the original, the djinn succeeded in controlling his future victims by forcing them to wish. In Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies the djinn is surrounded by mafia members, prisoners and gamblers. He has a bit more trouble putting words in their mouthes but this makes the movie more realistic.

As soon as the djinn is out of jail, sadly, the movie goes into free fall, and this until the ending credits. The special effects during the casino massacre are shameful. Once again, only a magic stone can vanquish the djinn and you can guess how the movie ends.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A prisoner who wishes he could pass through the bars in his cell has his wish realized, head first.
- A prisoner who doesn’t like his lawyer wishes he could go fuck himself.
- A compulsive player shits a mountain of tokens.

Memorables characters
- The djinn

Released in: 1999

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Monsters

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( 2002-01-06 )  

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