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Dark Stories : Tales From Beyond the Grave

"Seven stories that will confuse you…"

Seven short and illogical stories from the independent New Zealand cinema, all from different produces, follow each other in this film:

L'Eau de Vie
A woman is invited by a couple of her friends in a five star restaurant in which the clients seem to enjoy watching a man drown in a glass box that is slowly filled with water.

A woman, after realizing that her husband cheated on her and that most people deceive her, decides to get revenge from her dog.

The imploding self
Ever since his childhood, a man keeps, as a pet, a walking albinos fish. He seems to admire it for their affinities.

A Vien en Rose
While being delirious, a woman is described by a priest.

A reserved traveller is pushed to insanity by a hitchhiker, who only wants to spice things up a little.

Sure to Rise
A woman takes care of a wounded parachutist.

Warm Gun
Two gangsters discuss a crime in all its details.





The reason my summary was so short is because I advise you never to rent this movie. Do not repeat the same desperate horror movie fan error that I did by being mislead by the cover. I thought I was renting a movie similar to Creepshow, but this was only a brilliant marketing ploy.

The worse part of this movie is not the minuscule budget that it required by more the fact that each story has been written by an chronic imbecile. I was also sad that the horror movie icon Timothy Balme (Dead Alive), the first and only actor from New Zealand. We can only think that he felt bad for the team of wannabe producers without any future to the point of filming two of these clips.

These seven stories are each dumber than the dumbest of my dreams. They are impossible to categorize following the American rental store standards. It is probably because no one is interested by the style. The all feature ugly, depressive, dumb people and the dialogues are poor. I watched the last two sequences using the fast-forward button of my VCR. What hurts me the most is imagining the bunch of damn fools licking the five dollars I spent to rent this movie.

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Released in: 2001

Movie type: Fantasy

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( 2002-01-30 )  

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