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"She loves his work so much that she won't let him leave his room."

During a snow storm, right after Paul Sheldon, a famous novel writer, finished writing his latest novel, his car skids off the road and falls into a ravine. When he awakens, he is surprised to learn that by chance, in appearance, the woman that rescued him from sufferance and from the cold is his self-proclaimed greatest admirer.

Annie, a retired nurse, takes care of the man that gave life to the stories that she loves so dearly: Misery. She claims having read and re-read his adventures. By chance, while she takes care of the author, the last book in the series appears in the shelves of the villageís general store. Annie acquires a copy and hastily starts reading it.

However, the last pages of the book hide a shocking revelation. The main character, in the occurrence Misery, dies during labour. It is at this moment that Annie becomes violent. Paul now sees the real identity of the insane nurse. She forces him to start writing again to bring Misery back to life.





Misery can be characterized of a drama, horror and thriller movie. Written by Stephen King, this story features excellent actors. Paul is a reserved, intelligent and autonomous character that suddenly becomes as vulnerable as a child. Annie, the solid woman, is the typical portrait of the woman who has had a difficult childhood. She acts with Paul as little girl would have with her father. But as soon as he tries to get authority, she raises herself above him.

She suspense is progressive. We very well doubt from the first few minutes that Annie is not sane but it is the whole setting that makes the film interesting. Twice, Paul takes advantage of Annieís absence to flee his room and try to contact the authorities. After realizing that the telephone in the house doesnít have a mechanism, he hears the motor of the van arriving and must at all cost get back into bed before the nurse realizes he has tried to escape. Those are the types of moments that make this movie a masterpiece.

Even though in the book, Annie Wilkes amuses herself by removing Paulís foot with an axe, she only delivers a painful sledgehammer blow in the cinematographic adaptation.

Misery is the type of movie that we never get tired of watching. It is one of the best suspense movies to date and also one of the best adaptations of a novel written by Stephen King.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Annie breaks both of Paul's feet with a sledgehammer.
- Paul forces Annie to eat the novel she made him write.

Memorables characters
- Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates)

Released in: 1990

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Drama - Diseases

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( 2002-02-06 )  

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