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Scream 2

"When friends can't protect you... from the past..."

Journalists have taken over the murder story at Woodsboro where a dozen of adolescents were murdered. While Sidney is only starting to move on, a Hollywood movie produced by Gale, a journalist who witnessed the events, premiers in theaters. The next day, a couple is found dead, stabbed by an unknown killer, during the projection of the movie. Sidney and the other survivors want to convince themselves that the killer is none other than an easily influenced teenager but the menacing phone calls start once again and they have to admit that he is back.

During the last months, Sidney has made new friends at the college where she has been studying and she can’t help herself from suspecting them. She remembers how she trusted, in error, her friends before being betrayed. The ghost-faced killer comes back, ravaging each of Sidney’s friends, one after the other. Some run, some hide, but all is in vain.





In all aspects, this movie is far from being equivalent to the original. First of all, it uses the same formula as its predecessor: we start with a murder that is very vaguely related to those to come, all the characters are presented and then we meat those closer to the heroine. Then come the murders, the false accusations and the revelation. This structure is excellent and it is not badly used here. However, I had the feeling that everything was repeated but not as successfully.

To start out, our first two victims are an adolescent couple that is not very attaching. Furthermore, they are racist and the only thing they do is complain. I must admit I felt a certain joy when the girl was murdered. Also, Sidney has found a new group of friends, but evidently, she is not as close to them, making the murders less troubling.

The final revelation will surprise a few and deceive the rest. One thing that terribly bothers me in this series, is the dumbest character’s immortality (Dewey). At first, I loved this character. It took a resurrection to make him my most hated character. And as if once wasn’t enough, they repeat this miracle twice during the series.

On a positive note, because Scream 2 is still an excellent film, the killer(s) is(are) hard to predict. The clues are there but there are enough of false clues to keep the suspense until the end. The action takes places in College, an excellent pretext for a murder spree. There are many more characters and a few more murders even though they are a bit less imaginative.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Phil tries to hear a sound that come from the adjacent toilet cabin and is stabbed through is ear.
- Maureen is stabbed in the middle of a theater while the spectators believe they are witnessing a joke.

Memorables characters
Mickey Altieri (Timothy Olyphant)
Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy)

Released in: 1997

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller

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( 2002-02-10 )  

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