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Night Life

"The hardest corpses to embalme are the walking ones..."

A gang of bullies at school constantly picks on an intellectual and assiduous student, Archie. As a hobby, he is an assistant embalmer for his uncle. After the gang amused itself by transporting a cadaver from room to room, to the point of scaring a client of the undertaker, the uncle fires his nephew. However, when news reports inform of the murder of four adolescents, precisely those who fooled around with the corpse, Archie receives a phone call from his uncle, offering his apologies.

The irony pleases him in a macabre manner but, suddenly, the building isnít as calm as before. The deceased regain life to continue what they had started. They chase their victims through multiple rooms after which they escape and try to take over the town.





Night Life hasnít marked the history of zombie movies but is distinguished by its simplicity. It isnít a tragedy that comes and troubles Archieís life because he seems more preoccupied with his uncleís reaction when he will meet the zombies than with the zombies themselves. Therefore, it is appropriate to sub-categorize this movie under "comedy".

Archie regains his role of an adolescent rejected by society for the first time since Critters and Critters 2. His haircut goes well with the role and fits him marvellously. The first half of the movie axes more on behaviour but after this, the action begins. The zombies have a certain degree of intelligence and, furthermore, they kill with originality. However, they can resist to an extreme amount of punishment.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- The zombies make their victim's head explode with a pump.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1989

Movie type: Horror - Monsters - Humor

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Pet Sematary II
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( 2002-02-11 )  

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