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Dead Silent

"She hasn't spoken a word since that day…"

A child witnesses both of her parent’s murders and is traumatized to the point of losing the ability to speak. Her legal tutor, her aunt, is required to take care of the young girl. Her schedule is filled and the hours she spends at the hospital, working as a nurse, leave her little time to devote to the poor girl. Luckily, she meets her new neighbor, with whom she develops such an affinity that she entrusts him with her niece.

The murder investigations continue by it seems as the murderers are looking for even more. Amanda notices someone spying on her but she is incapable of telling it to anyone. A specialist with mutes also has trouble extracting information that might be helpful for the investigation.

We start to doubt the neighbor who seems to hide something mysterious, but the culprit could be anyone.





Dead Silent is a standard suspense movie, based on dialogue (or in this case, non-dialogue) and that does not feature a showcase of known actors, which helps the spectator follow the story. The first half resembles an American television series and the rest reminds us of “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”. It is a Canadian film that, of course, lacks budget but the actors, except for Arlen Aguayo-Stewart who literally gives me a headache in the role of a five-year-old girl younger than herself, make the story interesting.

Rob Lowe perfectly plays the innocent suspect and Larry Day (who has lent us his voice for the narration of Hacky the Raccoon) is the chameleon-actor, perfect in his role of an odd psychologist.

Kevin’s role, as the neighbor, was a bit pathetic in the sense that he amuses himself by leaving behind compromising clues, for everyone to see, worsening his title of number one suspect. The development is a bit slow during certain parts but the final still surprised me for a film that lacked audacity.

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Released in: 1999

Movie type: Thriller - Drama

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( 2002-02-11 )  

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