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Dentist II, The

"He's still disgusted by filth…"

Feinstone, the dentist, who has not gotten over his wife’s infidelity, to the point of going made, flees from a mental institute and goes to heal his traumatism in his home town. After the self-proclaimed dentist of the town gives him a bad treatment, Feinstone once again becomes angry and murders him.

The village is left without a dentist and Feinstone accepts the full-time job. He also meets, in the days that follow, a blonde that he compares to his wife. He tries not to get too involved but when he learns she is frequenting another man, he is plunged back into a psychosis that is felt by his clients. Suddenly, no one comes back from the dentist that amuses himself by vandalizing his patient’s mouths and by crushing their teeth.





The Dentist 2 is as good as its predecessor while still not reusing the same elements. There is still the story of the blonde that cheats on him, but this time the doctor only vaguely knows here and it is really his traumatism that makes him snap.

The dentist seems to be less in control of the situation but the torture he inflicts will satisfy the horror movie fans who always want more. It is not exactly the violence of Dead Alive. but more of what we imagine coming from an insane dentist. Some of the scenes made me look away and I assure you that rare are the movies that achieve this exploit.

There is more violence, more story, more diversity than in the original but it lacks what makes the original so authentic and the sequels so superficial: simplicity and the unknown.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Crushed teeth
- Pierced nerves
-A six-inch syringe needle inserted into the gums.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1998

Movie type: Horror - Gore

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( 2002-02-12 )  

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