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Howling III: The Marsupials

"A new breed that combines a wolf, a kangaroo and... a human."

In the Australian outback, scientists capture a tribe of werewolves to become famous thanks to their discovery. A few moments earlier, an adolescent, Jerboa, had escaped to prevent her father from raping her. She then heads to Sydney. On her way, she meets a man that proposes her an audition for a role in a low-budget horror movie.

Jerboa tries as well as she can to hide her distinctiveness to live a normal life. She obtains the role and learns, ironically, that it is in a werewolf movie. She lives with the constant fear of transforming and being seen by her public and her friends who ignore her secret.





Because it is the third episode in the series, this movie tries to innovate in previously unexplored territory. For example, as the title suggests, the tribe is composed of creatures that are one third human, one third canine and one third marsupial. It does not bring anything new to the contemporary vision of the werewolf except for a birth scene that is very explicit and convincing. Unfortunately, the movie cannot be taken seriously because of its tiny budget and because of an unrealistic story. However, watching this baby grow and try to be cute only succeeded in making me nauseous.

The special effects are mostly of low quality. The scenes with potential are broken, filmed from multiple angles or simply abstract. All of this contributes in making this movie more boring that it should be. Furthermore, I had trouble accepting that such bad actors allowed themselves to try and pass messages. There is a metaphor behind everything: anti-racism, anti-rape, anti-incest, anti-technology, anti-glory. However, when we look at all these messages simultaneously, one is left to believe that nothing is good! One shouldn’t listen to the morals in this movie because they are so contradictory.

It is difficult to consider Howling 3 as being a horror movie because it takes pity of werewolves and depicts human as being the bad guys. The werewolves are considered to be nice beasts that defend themselves only when menaced and humans are savages running loose: another moral from Phillipe Mora, want-to-be writer.

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Released in: 1987

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Monsters - Fantasy - Humor

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( 2002-02-13 )  

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