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Village of the Damned

"Children born to kill..."

All the inhabitants of a village lose consciousness simultaneously and awaken a few hours later, without any recollection of the events.

Nine months later, ten women give birth. Scientists monitor their growth very closely and two doctors decide to take things into their own hands. People are surprised to see that all the children have white hair.

When they reach the age of being autonomous, they start manifesting their true personalities. They seem to believe their special race has to survive and defend themselves against any menace, however small it may be. They do not hesitate to injure their parents and relatives.





Christopher Reeves gives life to this movie. His character helps dissimulate the lack of acting talent the children have. However, two of the children steal the show from the rest of the group. A neglected aspect of horror is approached in Village of the Damned. It is not a subject that surprises me anymore because of Children of the Corn, who had first exploited this aspect.

Many scenes are appropriate for graphic violence but are cut when they become interesting. A special attention has been taken for small details. For example, the nine children walk in line, wear white, look in the same direction, etc.

A small element comes to help the slow and a bit repetitive rhythm of the movie: while giving birth, one of the mothers loses her baby. Because each child must eventually be coupled with another of the opposite sex, one of the damned develops a sentimental state that is prohibited by the others.

This movie is not a bad realization but it is still not something to watch every year. Also, the development is much too slow to be seizing.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A mother is psychically forced to put her hand into boiling water.
- While losing consciousness, a man falls onto his barbecue.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1995

Movie type: Horror - Invaders

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( 2002-02-18 )  

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