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Sorority House Massacre

"It should have been a quiet girls' night..."

When she was a child, Beth saw her brother Bobby knife down both her parents. Approximately ten years have passed and the house she left for this reason now confronts her. Her old home has been transformed into a sorority house where three other girls have invited her to be initiated.

Nightmares and visions from the past haunt her to the point where the her potential sorority sisters are worried about her behavior. However, there is worse to fear: Bobby has escaped from an insane asylum, not far from the home. On the same night, the sorority girls, who have decided to throw a small party, are visited by their boyfriends.





All dressed like they come straight from the eighties, these four girls make us laugh to the point of forgetting the horror that is about to come. It is difficult to look at anything other than what is most important to them: their huge and impressive fur balls that cover their craniums. Sorority House Massacre is a memorable sequences so awful that they are good.

First of all, as soon as the sorority monitor has left, the four girls head into her closet (of which they should have run away crying) and slip on the most horrible and flower-covered dresses one after the other. Each try is separated by a generous shot of their uncovered breasts because we all know that university girls have a tough time rounding off their months.

Then, after a long dialogue, there is a murder, then another. The victims in agony almost seem relieved by death and the same thing applies to their friends who seem them pass away before their sparkling eyes. The supervision of technical details is absent. Towards the end, while the killer chases the four survivors, they hide in a room and have all the trouble in the world barricade the door, regardless of their number. Then, only one girl succeeds in moving it away, with only one hand. In the same field of thought, soon after the death of one of the teenagers, they barely succeed, while being three, to detach a ladder that the killer is climbing.

Then, the same effort is put in closing a sliding window. There must be a dozen things that will petrify you in the movie such as the brother trying to free himself while there is room for eight to slide out of the ropes. Furthermore, one of the guys, who has just seen his girlfriend get stabbed, runs bare-ass, finds the time to slip on underwear, and to take them off again and run five more minutes.

There is nothing to say about the suspense that is practically forgotten in this film. Once we have swallowed the fact that brought Beth back to the same house where her family has died, the rest passes rather easily. This movie copies on everything that was original for the day. The pop culture is so easily distinguished that it smothers the film. It is a common error of slashers that try too hard. None of actors put any effort into their work, which would be a spectacular realization because the scenario that presents no interest. In conclusion, Sorority House Massacre is a movie to watch with your friends, while not being totally sober.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A couple is attacked whille having sexual intercourse in a miniature tent.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1986

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Nudity

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( 2002-03-05 )  

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