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"She knows he's coming back to finish her off…"

Jana's was traumatized during her childhood by the death of her parents. She saw, from her hiding place, their aggressor standing in a pool of light and ever since she has never been able to tolerant it. Since then, she lives alone in her apartment, sleeping during the day and working during the night.

Then, while on the Internet during a calm evening, she is approached in a chat room by the one she believed imprisoned for life. He maliciously explains that he saw life through her eyes all this time and that he is ready to immerge.

She calls the local prison and learns that has been released today because of exemplary behavior.





Larry Drake (Dr. Giggles) is usually proud of his work and isn’t cheap-labour coming from Hollywood’s basement. Bizarrely, it seems he has repaid a favour to the producer by participating in this odd and banal movie named Paranoia. He plays a psychopath who is supposed to demonstrate a complex mentality but the way he is presented ruins this effect.

Briefly, this movie features a limited number of actors. They are still respectable even though the scenario has little to offer. The filming must have been hell for them because they all, without exception, wear plaid shirts and because they all play a complex character who possess a mysterious mental deficiency. This formula quickly becomes boring and the realism is hit hard.

I am not a psychiatrist but I like to believe that a character who fears sunlight to the point of living with closed blinds for fifteen years doesn’t spend an afternoon in the sun to convince his psychologist that he doesn’t have a problem with sunlight. The problem is that the authors do not hold the same opinion as I do and are amused by manipulating their characters to the point of ridicule.

The killer isn’t very honourable with his hunting vest and his much venerated kitchen knife. He seems proud of his blade swinging techniques and entertains himself by attacking pumpkins. The conclusion is surprising but is so far-fetched that it is unsatisfying.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 1998

Movie type: Horror - Thriller

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( 2002-03-06 )  

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