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Cat's Eye

"The story of a cat that ends up in the wrong places at the very worst time"

A run-away cat, guided by the spirit of a child who needs his help for a mysterious reason, adventures into places where horrible things happen:

Quitter’s Inc.
Richard joins an organization to help him quit smoking. Their approach towards the addiction is very different from what is offered elsewhere but Richard knows nothing more. The owner makes him understand what makes them so special: each time the ex-smoker lights up, a member of his family is brought onto a metal grate and is electrocuted. Then, if this does not suffice, the consequences worsen…

The Ledge
An old and rich gambler discovers that his wife is cheating on him with a tennis player. He gives orders to his men to bring him the enemy and proposes a challenge. He proposes to walk around the terrace of his apartment, trying to keep his balance on the ledge, on the top of a skyscraper in exchange for money and his wife.

The General
The courageous cat finally arrives to stop a goblin from stealing a young defenseless girl’s breath. Playing tricks around the house also amuses the goblin and the parents blame the damages on the cat. They lock him outside, which allows the small monster enough room to realize his goal.





Trying new things in horror movies is always full of risk. Cat’s Eye tries to get noticed. Films composed of many different stories are usually backed by an interesting story (Creepshow, (Creepshow 2, Terror Tract) and if they fail, it produces a void. Cat’s eye combines this background story with the three sketches: their common point being the cat. The cat survives many happenings and, in my opinion, attracts too much of our attention, especially in the final sketch where he is practically the hero.

These three stories could be terrifying if they were taken seriously. Instead, we are presented with actors who seem to take pleasure in torture. They are excellent and very credible. The special effects seem to be well thought out but do not succeed. The film is too pretentious and puts too much of a weight on its shoulders, without being able to successfully represent its author and actors.

Quitter’s Inc.
Why would an important firm offer its clientele to torture, rape and kill, while risking getting caught? I have no idea. This aspect is not covered and it is a question not to be asked. Better enjoy every minute of this bizarre yet surprising story. It inspires an interesting paranoiac atmosphere but it is exaggerated (ex: a spy hides in a dresser and awaits the moment where Dick will smoke, another fakes jogging in front of his house, etc.). The finale is interesting but the visual effects are shamefully missed.

The Ledge
The best of the three stories because of its simplicity and originality, this story will keep you on the edge of your seat. The camera angles, for the most part, put in perspective the man and pit that wants to swallow him, tempted to fall because of the wind that attacks him, because of the pigeons who smash his ankle and because of his enemy who puts traps along his way. Once more, a particular visual effect will make you shake your head in pity for Stephen King.

The General
A child as a victim, a cat as a heroin and a one-foot tall goblin as an enemy … very promising! The result is just about what we awaited. Imagine the scene and your vision is probably accurate. We can’t make any miracles with such a concept. The sketch turns in circles but gives us resourceful special effects. Many scene cuts are needed to give realism to the goblin but the result is not bad at all.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A pigeon explodes in feathers after being kicked by Johnny.
- The goblin tears a hole in the wall to pass through it.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1985

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Monsters - Fantasy

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( 2002-03-06 )  

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