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Convent, The

"Some nuns should have confessed before dying..."

A group of college students isolate themselves in an abandoned convent. Story is that morbid events had happened in the convent, causing it to close its doors. It is said that one of the girls had become pregnant and an abortion had been performed, against her will, by the conventís staff. She had then come back to get revenge by burning, hitting and shooting down the priest and all the nuns.

These stories incite the group to visit the convent. However, in their first visit, they find nothing that is very important. As they are about to leave, two police officers arrest and search them; one of the girls successfully hid inside the building.

It is at this moment that three supposed disciples of Satan kidnap her, tie her up and sacrifice her for their master. The spirits floating in the air take advantage of this situation to possess her and user her body to regain their control over the convent. The gang of students is forced to leave the site but quickly come back to recuperate the drugs they had forgotten. However, they only succeed in meeting a few contagious zombies.





The nineties were flooded with crummy sequels and horror movies too dramatic for most of the fans. While the genre doesnít know where it is headed, The Convent surfaces. This movie reminds us, without the slightest hesitation, of the series Night of the Demons: unknowing teenagers adventure in a haunted house and do what teenagers do best: drink. Then, the gothic girl who has her sexual orientation questioned repeatedly is possessed and distributes the diseases to the best of her ability by violently murdering her victims. The greatest difference? No breasts are shown in The Convent!

The demons are not like those of Demons nor like those of Night of the Demons. They are fast, move in a worrisome manner and have neon covered faces. It has never been seen before. These rave-style demons tear their way to the teenagers and break down doors in a way that resembles Dead Alive.

Three typical characteristics of low-budget movies are stereotypes, poor dialogues and mediocre actors. Here, we are saved from two of these: however, they still face the fate of stereotypes. We have the blonde cheerleader, her boyfriend with the preppy clothing, the manipulated nerd, the rebellious gothic girl, the homosexual and the "Iíve-never-done-anything-wrong" girl. The actors do what they can while still knowing that they canít do anything miraculous. Very familiar faces play Christine and the two police officers, which helps the overall quality of the film.

The comedic aspect is omnipresent. Coolio plays the role of a police officer who doesnít deserve the title. He hates white people and loves soft drugs. When one of the survivors approaches him for help, he chases her away by unloading his weapon at her because she is covered with blood without even knowing that demons have awakened. Another memorable moment is the scene where Frijole is followed, high on mushrooms. Frijole finds a cross where Jesus asks him to let him down, just like they were old friends.

All these elements contributed to accentuate The Convent and render it a black sheep of the style. The end displeased me for two reasons. The first: the gay character takes too much space. His survival, along with the intellectualís, depends on their capacity to free themselves and he takes advantage of the situation to try and rape him. It is quite funny during the first few seconds but is really irritating after the fourth minute. Anyhow, these characters should have died at the beginning of the film. Finally, the obligatory annihilation of the demons is pathetic. A lack of budget has allowed the creators to invent magic properties for napalm bottles.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The head of a demon is crushed by a door.
- Kaitlinís face is torn off of her head.

Memorables characters
- Mo (Megahn Perry)
- Teen Christine (Oakley Stevenson)

Released in: 2000

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Gothism - Invaders - Monsters - Humor

Films in similar category:
Night of the Demons
Night of the Demons 2
Killing Spree
Bordello of Blood
Bride of Chucky

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( 2002-03-11 )  

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