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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

"Tina fights Jason… with her mind."

When he was a child, Tina fled a fight between her parents and, angry at the behaviour of her father, she used her telekinetic powers to drown him in a lake. Now an adolescent, Tina is invited by her psychiatrist to come back and visit the scene of the incident that she previously fled.

When he faces the lake alone, she loses control and her powers awaken. She tries to awaken her dead father without knowing that someone else is also in the waters. Jason Voorhees is the one that is brought back to life. Tina sees the hockey mask and runs a while before losing consciousness.

When she awakens, she recalls what has happened by no one believes her. Her new friends will eventually believe her because Jason is well rested and has already started murdering everyone he sees.





The series has achieved its summit and we can already feel the curve go back down. The movie isn’t that bad because of many positive elements but we can kiss goodbye to the simplicity that make this series popular.

The main problem is that while Jason should be the main character and all the adolescents peons on his way, in Friday the 13th Part 7 : The New Blood, Tina has a huge role. Therefore, even though Kane Hodder has taken over the role, somewhat giving the monster a personality and stature, this psychic steals the show from him and is a serious threat to him, hurting him in all imaginable ways (as long as the budget allows it, of course).

There is still the circle of unsuspecting adolescents, including a few attractive young ladies, a science-fiction amateur, an experimented adolescent and a nice boy that believes in unconditional love and love at first sight. This movie is good but would be much better without all the censorship, which is overwhelming. I have a trouble criticizing a movie that interests viewers by its scenes of violence. The MPAA has always done ravages and seems to have no limit. The censored scenes are so badly cut that we get a feeling that we are missing a lot. The finale is exaggerated but not so deceiving because Jason could have died twenty times before receiving his last blow.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- An adolescent is trapped in her sleeping back and hit, like a stick, against a tree.

Memorables characters
- Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder)

Released in: 1988

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller - Monsters - Fantasy

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( 2002-01-21 )  

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