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Salem's Lot

"A village inhabitated by more vampires than humans..."

A dreaded house in a small town has a new owner after being abandoned for a few years. This aged antique dealer doesnít trust anyone. In fact, he is a bad sign. As soon as he arrived, a vampire-like virus terrifies Salemís lot.

Benjamin, a horror storywriter who has come back to the town after a twenty year absence, has chosen the right time to inspire his story from the house that scared him so much when he was a kid.

From the multiple citizens who have witnessed one of their close friends or family meet their maker, Mark, an adolescent who loves horror movies and conjuring, sees his best friend and family die because of the vampires. He decides to annihilate the source vampire.





This film has everything to be bad: it features a bald vampire, the special effects arenít any good, it was made in 1979 and is a made-for-TV movie. I had the chance of inheriting of the abridged version, which helped me avoid some of the torture, seen the length of the original.

It is difficult to believe that Stephen King could have inspired such a simplistic movie. The dialogues consist of 95% of everything we see. There are two or three morbid moments, but nothing more. The make-up is bad, the suspense is barely acceptable and so is the acting.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Markís friend, who is now a vampire, flies to his window and knocks on it in a macabre way.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1979

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Invaders - Monsters

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( 2002-03-13 )  

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