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City of Lost Children, The

"He kidnaps children and steals their dreamsÖ"

A cursed man kidnaps children to steal the dreams he cannot have using technological tools. It was destiny that decided that this man would marry a midget and be the father of height-impaired children.

The men working for Krank, the kidnapper, steal a child before his adoptive brother named One, who is a circus strong-man. They then are faced with an enemy they didnít expect.





Most American mortals will hate this movie and feel they were tricked by the case. Personally, I donít really like it either. However, it has the merit of having me gripped to my seat until the end because I wanted to know the conclusion, which is satisfying.

Being from France, this movie already has a potential barrier against it. To mention the good aspects: the sets are fantastic, the angles and camera effects, unbelievable and the actors have nothing to be ashamed of. The producer can be proud of this impeccable work!

Many elements give this film its originality: microscopic insects who transport sleeping poison, twin sisters who talk at the same time, a brain that leads an army and a strong-man that accepts a seven-year-old girl as his ally. In fact, this film isnít of an impressive intelligence level but we have the feeling this is a characteristic the movie tries to emit. Also, everything mysterious in this movie resembles more a nightmare than an enigma. The whole film is set in a displeasing dream-like atmosphere.

This film is unique, but this isnít necessarily a good thing. The story, if we forget the weird details, is interesting but we must constantly guess what is happening and pretend to know where the film is going. We are often taken prisoner of the confusion of the preceding scene. An important amount of money was invested in this movie and was used to create impressive special effects, but they were made for the wrong movie.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- One and Miette attached to a plank, in balance over water because of a fish-filled barrel on the other side of the plank. This doesnít stop the seagulls from lunching on the fish.

- The dream where Miette becomes senile and Krank a baby, in an explicit metamorphosis.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1995

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Science Fiction - Technology - Fantasy

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( 2002-03-13 )  

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