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Child's Play 3

"The doll that shoots to kill!"

The toy factory where Chucky, the murderous doll, was killed is disinfected by the Playpal company, who had just barely avoided bankruptcy because of the rumors running wild about its toys. During the cleanup, the plastic recycling machine accidentally tosses Chuckyís cadaver onto a pile of plastic to be reused in the new dolls. Chucky comes back to life in a whole new Good Guy doll body.

After searching for him, Chucky finds Andy, the only child in which his soul can be reincarnated. The young man is now an adolescent and has just joined the army. Soon after his arrival, Chucky realizes that because he has inherited of a new container for his soul, he can abandon Andy and choose a new victim to whom he can reveal his secret and take possession of their body.

Destiny decides Chucky targets a young soldier, left apart because of his age. He has trouble being alone with him long enough to achieve his goal. Then, Andy notices the doll in the hands of the child. He cannot let the little monster terrorize another child and decides to get involved in a battle to end Chuckyís existence.





Dragging horror movie icons in the most unexpected locations is what makes series survive. Childís Play 3 is almost as interesting as its predecessors. Regardless of where the doll sets foot, it finds a way of having fun. The worst in all of this is it kills by auto-defense, because it is mistreated or because it wants to leave where it is.

The characters are attaching and their death does not leave us indifferent. Violence is not always the principal interest: Chucky and his style are. An adolescent Andry Barclay is more interesting as a hero because his death is plausible. Sadly, we quickly guess that the little Tyler will survive because he only is ten years old. We sympathize much more with Andy. Also, Andy has gotten a girlfriend and has aged well even though certain traces of traumatism are still visible. The enrolment scenario is very credible and probable because of his past.

Once again, the special effects are sublime and the actors are surprising for a horror movie. The dollís special effects are credible and I appreciated the way the suspense is brought to the screen considering the fact that, at first glance, a military base is filled with strong and impressive soldiers.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Just before a paintball war, Chucky replaces the ink cartridges with real bullets.

- DeSilva, to protect his friends from the explosion of a grenade, jumps on it and tries to absorb the blow as best as he can with his stomach.

Memorables characters
- Chucky (Brad Dourif)

Released in: 1991

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Monsters

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( 2002-03-27 )  

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