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I Know What You Did Last Summer

"...and I'll make sure you remember..."

After celebrating their graduation, two teenage couples get drunk around a campfire, on a beach in a fishing town. On their way home, Barry, the driver, is unable to avoid a pedestrian walking in the street and runs him over.

The adolescents believe they have killed the man and panic. The scenarios they imagine don’t coincide with the future they had imagined. The driver’s blood alcohol rate being way over the limit, this error would not be easily forgiven. To protect their friend, the teenagers toss the body in the sea and conclude a pact: they promise to forget what just happened and never talk about it again.

One year passes and Julie receives a letter where she can read: “I know what you did last summer”. She believes someone is playing a prank on her and decides to visit two of her friends and her ex-boyfriend, all involved in the incident. No one admits having written the words. Someone knows what they have done and seeks justice. He wants to kill them one after the other but not until having plunged them in absolute terror.





Those who dislike Scream for its subtle humour, its abundance of characters and its lack of realism will see refuge in I Know What You Did Last Summer. The story is more realistic, taken more seriously and a bit less superficial. As an example, the ending takes place in the fishing town; this frees us from all the usual clichés in colleges, fraternities and other such locations. Also, these four adolescents are murderers so are not so innocent. They don’t deserver what is happening to them but they still had the initiative to hide their murder. Also, no one tries to make us believe that friends are friends for life. The situation and life has separated them, one year later, and this is a very realistic perspective.

Sadly, when the context is replaced by suspense and murders, the realism hits the road. Unnoticed murders in public places, cadaver filled automobile trunks, and crabs cleaning themselves while crying “I didn’t dream this…” and the abundance of people who just happen to wear the same clothes as the secret killer are all negative aspects of this film.

The main characters demonstrate a remarkable charm. Their personalities are so different however that it is difficult to imagine that they are friends. The finale was a deception for me but it was my fault: I shouldn’t have expected something other. This film isn’t innovative but is still entertaining and is a good example of the wave of horror movies of the end of the millennium.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Max has his throat pierced by the killer’s hook and is then lifted from the ground.

- Having just fled from the killer, Hellen is in an alley, ten feet away from a musical parade (and from survival) when he bounces out of no where and attacks.

Memorables characters
- The hook-wielding killer.

Released in: 1997

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller

In the same series:
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( 2002-03-27 )  

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