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Hide And Go Shriek

"In the dark, friends and fiends all look alike..."

A handful of adolescents sneaks into a furniture store owned by the father of one of the teenagers. An ex-convict, just recently released, has been hired to realize a variety of manual tasks. Because he hasn’t had the time to find anywhere to live, he is temporarily living in the building.

The teenagers ignore this fact. They believe they are alone to eat, drink and have sex. However, someone is spying on them from the darkness. As to not be noticed, they leave the lights out. When they understand that a predator is watching them, it is too late: heads start to roll and blood starts to flow. After each murder, the killer steals his victim’s clothes and fools the next teenager by making them believe he is one of them.





Here is a film with an ordinary and repetitive plot that becomes quite interesting when we start paying attention to detail. Basically, it is a slasher film where each girl shows some skin, each guy shows a little less and where each murder resembles the next.

However, from the start, we assume that the killer is a frustrated transvestite. Lets forget the teenaged murder mysteries. We are never sure of who is killing and you shouldn’t be too curious: the ending will displease you. However, you should appreciate the macabre and demented killer who wears his victims’ clothing, whether they are men or women, without discrimination. The worrisome atmosphere is reinforced by hundreds of plastic mannequins that are moved around by the killer.

He is one of the rare serial killers who seem to take such child-like pleasure to the task. Along with being visibly deranged (he laughs while dancing, wears makeup like a woman, shows his behind), it is difficult to imagine a reason to his actions. He actually has one but, unsurprisingly, it is not really a logical or realistic one. On the other hand, a horror movie with multiple murders taking place in a store can’t really miss.

Furthermore, the teenagers have a good reason to walk around with the lights out, even though they never think of turning them on once things start to go wrong. The film has the time to show the teenagers playing a game of hide and seek. However, the sex-craved teenagers decide to try out one of the beds instead of hiding and are angry when their friends surprise them.

This movie can get long in some points and the viewer will be startled uselessly and frequently during the whole film. The conclusion is far fetched. The crazy killer is a character we really want to see dead. Most of all, he is not a respectable character such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees or Micheal Myers. His motive is degrading. I would have preferred seeing him bite the dust more violently after all he had done but I had to content myself with very little graphical violence.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- A teenager is attached on the roof of an elevator and the ceiling tears off her head when the elevator changes floors.
- The arm of a plastic mannequin impales the owner’s son.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1988

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller - Nudity

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( 2002-04-01 )  

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