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Ice Cream Man

"What happens when children accept candies from strangers..."

An ice cream man, who witnessed his fatherís death when he was a child, makes the neighborhoodís children happy when he does his round. What the children and parents donít suspect is that his vehicle hides cadavers and human members. His ice cream is covered with blood and he uses human remains in his other treats. The macabre routine continues until the day where he kidnaps a young boy but is surprised by the childís friends.

The adults arenít there to listen to their testimony or simply donít believe it and, for this reason, they decide to start the search for their friend alone. They grab what they can, knowing they will need to battle the insane salesman.





Just like The Dentist and The Dentist 2, Ice Cream Man is a horror story taken more or less seriously about a man who loves his job to the point of going crazy. It is not a comedy but black humor is omnipresent. Children and their parents are served ice cream cones that drip all over their hands, seasoned with eye juice and other pieces of cadavers and think they are eating marshmallows. The worst part is that they actually like it!

Rare are treat salesmen who would give themselves the trouble to make ice cream cones with a decapitated head or create puppets with heads mounted on ice cream spoons. Our friend frequently amuses himself by doing these tasks and seems like heís having so much fun. He has also mastered the art of knocking two police officers unconscious with one swing of a spoon. Those moments are the worst in the movie. In parallel, children are the heroes in this movie and are also the killerís targets. Oddly (pathetically), they are the only ones who survive. Is it because of lack of good will or chronic incompetence that the authors repeat this error in so many films?

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
-The killer pierces a girlís head, from her chin to brain by passing through her mouth.
-The killer offers an ice cream cone to the decapitated head of a woman who had invited him to her home.
-The "new-age" asylum that is visited by the police officers.

Memorables characters
- The ice cream man (Clint Howard)

Released in: 1995

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Humor

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( 2002-04-01 )  

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