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Evil Dead, The

"True friends don't die after a simple axe massacre..."

Five friends isolate themselves in a cabin at the end of a road, surrounded by a forest. Knowing that the lodge will be empty, they plan on staying a while.

While they are having supper, the trap in the floor leading to the basement opens on its own. One of them goes to investigate but finds nothing.

Later, they find an audio recording and listen to it. The recording refers to a satanic theory explained in the book they found on the night table. This book, the Naturom Demonto, would be the key to open a portal to hell. Suddenly, the demonic forces that haunt the woods awaken and possess one of the girls and dresses her against her friends. She attacks them and they defend themselves as best as they can.

Quickly, the three girls have lost control of their souls and attack the two survivors who are armed with an axe, a chainsaw and whatever other weapons they can find.





The Evil Dead and its sequels represent the ideal of the majority of horror movie fans: simple story, explicit violence, zombies, simple hero who isnít overtaken by the situation: it is scary, stressful, dark but not to the extreme.

To pass the challenge of time is a feat in itself. To this day, the horror depicted in this movie grabs you by the throat. Its limited budget did not stop it from becoming a classic and for those who are intimidated by the quality of the filming, its sequel (Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn) corrects this problem. The problem is that the lighting makes the figures hard to distinguish, the characters are slightly simplistic and the sound seems drowned out. Personally, I enjoy this style but it is obvious that some will quickly be bored.

The female zombies are terrifying. They scream like hell, walk in a strange jerky manner and toss their heads in all directions. Instead of always approaching and trying to kill Ash, who becomes he hero because he is the only survivor, they prefer laughing at him while sitting in the door frame, attracting his attention by making sounds: they prefer killing him slowly.

Keep an eye on Ash (Bruce Campbell), the only actor who profited from this film. To this day, he is an idol to many but it is mostly due to this heroism in the sequel.

The magic objects in this film are two-sided blades. A book of incantations can start a superb story but if the same book is the only thing that can end the evil it created, there is no suspense, no questioning. Everything is too easy. Furthermore, the chain that Ash offers to his girlfriend before she became evil possesses hard-to-swallow supernatural properties. It saves his life in an unrealistic way. Fortunately, even though we expect this time of conclusion in Evil Dead, Ash has the merit of counter-attacking often enough for us to forgive him using the quick and easy way out to end his problems. Furthermore, he must even face an ultimate dilemma: saw his new girlfriend in two or let her run around laughing at everything that moves. In the less macabre moments, he tries to end her incessant laughter by vigorously punching her repeatedly. It is a bizarre situation, rarely seen in other movies and is what gives The Evil Dead its unique strength.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Linda has a pencil jammed into her ankle.
- A zombie tears its hand by biting it.

- Ash punches his possessed girlfriend to make her stop laughing at him.

Memorables characters
- Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell)
- The "fake shemps" (zombies)

Released in: 1982

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Haunting - Invaders - Monsters

In the same series:
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Army of Darkness

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( 2002-04-01 )  

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