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Return of the Living Dead, The

"The army found a way to recycle the dead..."

Recently hired by a company that supplies cadavers to different laboratories, Freddy is told how a few barrels accidentally were relocated to the warehouse where he now works. The army committed a mistake, sending them the cadavers of zombies that possessed a town.

When his colleague brings him down the basement to show him his discovery, he accidentally releases gas that renders them unconscious. The gas reaches a cold room where it reanimates a cadaver stored there. After going through a lot of trouble, the two employees succeed in cutting it to pieces. To get rid of it, they sent the remains to the crematorium.

Unfortunately, the smoke projected by the crematorium awakens the dead in a nearby cemetery and causes acid rain to fall savagely. Partygoers who were waiting for Freddy close by seek refuge inside with the others to hide from the hundreds of brain-hungry living-dead.





The zombies in Return of the Living dead are faster and more lively than those of Night of the Living Dead. The puppetry and makeup used to bring them to life are remarkable. The dosage of humor is just perfect for the style. In a sub-genre normally associated with apocalypse, it makes its mark. The conclusion is exaggerated in this sense but, for once, the zombies are limited to haunting a limited territory, as opposed to the whole planet.

The characters will not please everyone. Most of them are rebellious teenagers, rejected by society and in search of their personal identities while the others only succeed in crying all the time. It is for this reason that we cannot identify ourselves with this film’s characters. Furthermore, not only the humans come back to life but also halves of dogs and insects. Once in a while, a zombie says something to make us remember the how unrealistic the situation is. This calms the atmosphere and reminds us not to take anything too seriously. The ending is cold and unsatisfactory. While the solution to end the zombie reign is effective, it is still disappoints the spectator.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Ed, Joey and the owner of the warehouse decapitating a living-dead human as best as they can.

- Half of a zombie dog.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1985

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Monsters - Humor - Nudity

In the same series:
Return of the Living Dead Part II
Return of the Living Dead III

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Return of the Living Dead Part II
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( 2002-04-28 )  

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