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"Comic books are bad for you.. they'll get you killed!"

A young boy is punished by his father by having his horror comic book confiscated, from which five stories are told.

Father's day
An unpleasant old man comes back from the dead to get back the cake that he didnít even see, on his birthday. He obtains revenge on those he blames by taking their lives.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill
A simple-minded man from the south of the United States witnesses a meteoriteís crash on his land. He burns himself when he touches it but, a few minutes later, vegetation emerges from his wound. Getting drunk doesnít seem to be the solution. It continues to grow. His field apparently suffers the same fate. Soon enough, his whole body is covered with verdure and nothing can stop the phenomenon.

Something to Tide You Over
A man, proud of his fortune, punishes his wife and her lover by burying them in the sand of an isolated beach. High tide hides all evidence. However, the tortured bodies dig themselves out and seek revenge.

The Crate
After learning from a friend that a crate, located beneath the stairs of a university, is inhabited by a gluttonous monster that swallowed the janitor, a man plans on offering it his evil wife.

Theyíre Creeping Up on You
A man with a phobia of insects acquires a sterile apartment, supposedly deprived of germs. One day, cockroaches unfortunately infest him. By the thousands, they invade his environment.





The global story that presents the first story and ends the last is quite simplistic but is still macabre. A young boy is frustrated against his father because he threw his comic book away. To obtain revenge, he attacks him incognito using a voodoo doll. The fact that the story does not take forever between each sketch will please or displease, depending on the individual. Personally, I feel that the formula of a story that finds a pretext to present others leaves more room for originality. It would notably be hard to beat the talent put into Terror Tract, another sketch film, in this sense.

Father's day
This sketch simply doesnít succeed. It is a living-dead story in the campfire style and slowly becomes a repetitive slasher with a few subtle moments. It is still amusing, but as opposed to the four other stories, it is not originality that is the most important characteristic.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill
Stephen King has never appeared longer in one of his films. He is good if we take into consideration that he isnít an actor. He ridicules his character by making faces but it is better this way because, anyway, the story isnít pure genius. Still, it is entertaining.

Something to Tide You Over
The interest increases with each story. However, at this point, we start to talk about memorable horror. The dialogue is important in a revenge story similar to Cat's Eye. In both cases, a rich man forces his enemy to bury himself in sand to the neck in order to have him drown during high tide. I ignore if this is current practice for criminals but it is well thought out. The actors make this story very credible and are its best asset.

The Crate
Arguably the best sketch in the movie, The Crate uses suspense and startles its spectators frequently to be as effective as it is. The monster in the box is not ugly to the point of frightening us but startled me each time it jumped. Violence is present and revenge serves as a pillar for the story. I love it when a character tries to disguise a bloody murder by cleaning it up just in time to avoid getting caught or to protect someone. We are given such a scene in this sketch.

They're Creeping Up on You
This story only presents two characters, if we exclude the insects and telephone conversations, yet we feel like we are present. When the insects jump out of everywhere, because the rooms and furniture are all white, we truly get the feeling of corruption. Such an infestation was rarely brought to screen in such an effective manner and this is why this scene deserves praise. The last shot was well realized, especially for the time.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Upson, eaten from the inside by the cockroaches.
- The monster in the crate swallows the janitor.
- Jordy's mental incapacity and his reaction to the vegetation growing on him.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1982

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Thriller - Monsters - Fantasy - 2D Animations

In the same series:
Creepshow 2

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Nightmare on Elm Street , A
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( 2002-04-29 )  

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