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Little Witches

During their March break spent in detention, a group of catholic school girls adventure underground, after dusk, where construction workers have just recently settled. They find a book of incantations that will fill their week-long punishment. They assemble around a well in the cavern and invoke the god (or demon) mentioned in the book.

For one of them, the addiction is uncontrollable and she needs to push the experience further. A new student at the college refuses to submit to her influence like all the other girls. Something is awakened and she doesn’t want to be its victim.





As opposed to science fiction, horror movies interest women. The Craft succeeded in making teenaged girls feel a part of the group and this is what made it a hit. If Little Witches had been released soon after The Craft, to attract the same audience, it would only have been laughed at and the general feeling would have that they were only copying the same ideas. However, because they were released the same year, it would be unjust to accuse them of such a crime. Anyway, the dialogue, the shallowness of the characters, the illogical development and many other details will convince you that the film is not a masterpiece, but is still some good to be found.

First of all, because little schoolgirls in plaid skirts are legally inaccessible in 52 states, Little Witches will attract attention. It doesn’t stop with the white shirts and knee-high socks. Most of the girls, whether they be brunettes, blondes, thin, fat or whether their name is Sheeri Rappaport, they can all be found standing naked around the well in all their splendor. Let us underline that Sheerie demonstrates much more talent that this movie deserves. She and Mimi Reichmeister play the main roles in this movie. However, Mimi, the hero, isn’t as sexually active has her nemesis.

The story is hard to follow seen the constant stripteases performed by Sheeri (and it really is a diversion). Furthermore, the special effects are almost absent. A film that discusses witchcraft never succeeds without special effects. The main characters are well described, well exploited but the secondary characters are neglected and they are used as wallpaper for the few characters that truly can act.

On a happier note, this film is not as bad as it may seem and I appreciated the fact that the women lead the show and manipulate the men. It is definitively a rare element regardless the category of film. Clea DuVall holds her first screen role here but her talent is locked up because of the limited amount of dialogue that was assigned to her role. The horror only starts towards the end and it is to think they possibly should have dropped the whole thing and conclude the film with an orgy.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Sheeri dancing for the construction workers to the sound of “Who’s Gonna Make It Rain?”, by Andras Jones (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, The Attic Expeditions)
- Sheeri confessing her sins.
- A half-dozen teenagers holding hands and turning in circles.

Memorables characters
- Jamie (Sheeri Rappaport)

Released in: 1996

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Haunting - Fantasy - Nudity

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( 2002-05-02 )  

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