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"An unlucky four-leaf clover..."

A leprechaun that has been locked in a crate for a long time awakens when a man and his daughter move into the home in which he occupies the basement. The renovators find his pot of gold at the bottom of a rainbow and one of them accidentally swallows a coin.

The leprechaun counts his fortune only to discover his loss. As the legend wishes, he pursues the culprit, killing and destroying everyone and everything in his way.





In fact, the leprechaun isnít limited only to what "gets in his way". To be more exact, he kills everything but "what gets in his way" even thought this should be his only preoccupation. He desperately tries to get rid of a fearful teenager, a rebel child and a fat crybaby. The latter would like to get rid of his mental deficiency by means of an operation paid for with the leprechaunís fortune.

The movie is filled with the moments where we wonder why the character hasnít unloaded a rifle on the monster instead of letting him talk for ten seconds. It is very insulting. Furthermore, this midget talks way too much. Unfortunately, he has nothing mysterious unlike most other horror movie icons. He talks in rhymes and quickly becomes annoying.

Two or three scenes startle the viewer but the other opportunities are ruined by a bad production. The violence is present and is one of this movieís assets yet it is always presented in an incoherent context. For example, the leprechaun loses an eye and replaces it with his attackerís, all to the sound of the multiple word games that make us cry more easily than laugh.

While I am not denigrating Jennifer Anistonís talent, whoever hired her after this film must have done it in pity to the point of making sure she wasnít hired for a sequel. She puts her heart into what she does but still canít do anything with the role that was given to her. The other actors also have potential but itís a lost cause. The interest in this film is purely for the way it entertains and maybe for its originality. Someone had to approach the leprechaun theme and it is what has been done.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The leprechaun learns that Ozzie has swallowed his gold coin and tries to recuperate it.

Memorables characters
- The leprechaun (Warwick Davis)

Released in: 1993

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Monsters - Fantasy - Humor

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( 2002-05-02 )  

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