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"The things you can do without even leaving your chair..."

From his highly computerized attic, Michael spies on and films his neighbour. A horror fan, of Heavy Metal and of strong sensations, he doesn’t resist when his friend informs him of the release of a game of virtual reality so intense it is more real than reality itself.

What he suspected to be gimmick turns to be as real as promised. When he sits in front of his discovery’s interface, he is transported into the body of a killer. The goal of the game: kill with quickness, efficacy and originality. He murders a man with a knife and cuts off his foot. His mission successful, he comes back to reality online to learn that someone has died in his neighbourhood… and is missing a foot.





He is a film that successfully portrays the ideal video game. Edward Furlong is perfect in the role of the adolescent who swears only by technology and who is surpassed by it on the day it gives him what he had been looking for. This concept was realized more skilfully in eXistenZ. We have the impression that Brainscan was designed for teenagers. One of the characters, however, makes this movie hard to enjoy: Trixter. He is a character with an undermined mental age that takes pleasure in auto-mutilation and demonstrating his lack of dancing skills. His performance and charm aren’t very impressive; this must be due to the actor behind the makeup.

Mixed in with all this trouble, there is the love story between Michael and his neighbour. The passage between the depth of murder and the height of this love story is quite eccentric. However, at the end, everything is explained in a rather predictable manner. Still, considering this ending, many of the movie’s elements become incoherent. Because of this characteristic, Brainscan is manipulates its spectators.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Michael stabbing his first victim and cutting of his foot.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1994

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Science Fiction - Technology - Fantasy

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( 2002-05-09 )  

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