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Hole, The

"When panicked, humans reveal their true faces..."

Liz is interrogated the day after she fled a nuclear shelter in which she, her best friend and two girls were trapped. The friend that brought them there is arrested for questioning. He is accused of locking them in there.

During these few days, they had spread out their supplies and held a constant vigil on the remainder of their food and water, understanding what humans are capable of, seen the circumstances. At least, this is the first version of the facts: those given by Liz. Behind this testimony lies the savage truth, a truth that Liz wonít have any other choice than to accept.





It is saddening that this movie didnít attract any more attention. At first sight, and considering its presentation and its trailer, we consider it to be a horror movie following the tradition of teen flicks and nothing more. This is absolutely not true.

Everything begins with a few collegiate manners. Then, after a bit of confusion, we are presented Lizís version of the facts. Her friend wanted to please her by finding a pretext to lock three other students with her for a few days of intimacy. She wanted her long-time crush to notice her but demonstrated subtlety by inviting her best friend and her boyfriend. Things stayed stable until they found out that their friend who had lent them the refuge had voluntarily locked them up. Terror slowly settles in.

From this moment on, I cannot divulge any more details. This film is full of surprises and criticizing it without revealing anything would be an impressive achievement. At the start of the second half of the film, we start to understand that we are watching a very realistic psychological thriller that reflects how instinctive and evil humans become when they arenít troubled by their looks, by the opinions of others, by norms or even by laws. Everything is so successfully realized that it doesnít give us the impression of being sermonized.

Any film that manipulates feelings to the extreme in such a brilliant manner deserves to be honoured. From the start, I feared Lizí character. She didnít fit in the movie, in my opinion. I am not crazy for this actress and I was disappointed by her presence. However, after an hour or so, we understand why she was chosen. She is chubbier, less attractive and less elegant than Keira and doesnít fit in with the two guys. Yet, this film doesnít pretend otherwise. You need to watch it to realize the reason for her presence.

This film struck me. The last instants are shocking and render the preceding moments very macabre. I hope I have demonstrated why The Hole certainly deserves more attention than it has received.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- Mike hitting Martinís head repeatedly on the ground.

Memorables characters

Released in: 2001

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Drama - Love - Diseases

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( 2002-05-11 )  

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