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Donnie Darko

"The man who could see time lines..."

Donnie is an adolescent that easily loses control, mainly when he forgets to take his pills. One night, the influence of his imaginary friend pulls him out of bed and out of his room. Thus, Donnie avoids the certain death that would have come only a few seconds later, when one of a planeís motors falls through his roof.

What makes Donnie so different from others is intensified when he gathers information about time travel and time lines. Then, he starts perceiving invisible paths indicating a personís future movements.

Caught in the middle of life with his new girlfriend, the sessions spent with his psychologist and the pressure inflicted on the community by a scam-artist who has brainwashed everyone, Donnie has a hell of a time fitting in with the rest of the group. He feels the need to be himself and, during his sleep, his imaginary friend helps him succeed by pushing him to vandalize his school.





This movie is not dedicated to those who enjoy being told stories. It tries to attract everyone without being addressed to anyone in particular. We find fantasy, science fiction, horror, psychology and love. I would even underline the comedic aspect of the film. The multiple witty replies often made me smile. The aspects that attracted me the most in this film were the scientific elements related to time travel.

Indeed, the main development of the film discusses time travel and destiny. For the first time on screen, time lines followed by people were visually presented. Many ideas seem to have been taken elsewhere, from both classic movies and recent releases. The Shining, in particular, seems to have influenced many scenes and shocking elements: a rabbit suit (Donnie Darko) vs the disguised prostitute (The Shining), a textual narration of time that passes and insanity.

The wave of confusion films that precede this film takes away from its originality. It is not the best in its category and will leave many people indifferent because it doesnít conclude all the questions that it triggers. At the end, we have trouble understanding the logic behind the whole story but it is probably because nothing is black and white in this world anyway.

If I remain neutral in this review, it is because someone somewhere will love this motion picture for the same reason I disliked it. I hope that this negative wave will pass. Cinema remains a means of entertainment for me, not a reason for suicide.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects

Memorables characters
- The giant rabbit.

Released in: 2001

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Science Fiction - Fantasy - Humor - Drama - Love - Diseases

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( 2002-05-11 )  

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