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Return of the Living Dead III

"Pain helps her forget her hungerů"

The poisonous gas that, twice before, had given live to a hord of cadavres in seek of brains is subject to scientific tests on a military base where Curt's father occupies an important posiition.

Following a fight with his father, Curt flees home on his motorcycle. However, he has an accident and kills his girlfiend. Incapable of accepting what has happened, he decides to give her life by using the secret gas.

The girlfriend that he has revived is not the one he knew. She is hungry and wants more than animal flesh. She slowly transforms into a living dead and starts spreading the disease.





The whole movie is based around Julie (the living dead). Even though the first two movies of this series had an appriciated style, this movie comes and smashes everything. If it did not turn around this lethal woman, this movie would be a disaster

Julie, at first, shows only small signs of the disease. However, the more she changes, the more agressive she becomes. Then, she realizes that the only way to quench her thirst for brains is to mutilate herself. This idea is not only new to the series but also enhances the gothic side of the movie.

Also, when we think we have reached the end of the movie, we are treated to a little surprise... somewhat like a double conclusion.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Julie mutilating herself and transforming into a human weapon waiting for the enemy.

- Decapitation

Memorables characters
- Julie (Mindy Clarke)

- RiverMan and Super-RiverMan (Basil Wallace)

Released in: 1993

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Gothism - Monsters

In the same series:
Return of the Living Dead, The
Return of the Living Dead Part II

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Hellraiser: Bloodline
Ginger Snaps
Beast Within, The
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( 2001-06-27 )  

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