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Panic Room

A recently divorced woman, Meg, and her daughter move into a huge house where they learn what a "panic room" is. It is a gigantic safe, large enough for a family in case of danger, equipped with a surveillance system, telephony and speakers.

During a night of insomnia, Meg sees three burglars thanks to the security cameras. She barely has the time to grab her daughter and bring her into the armored room to protect them both.

However, what the intruders are looking for is unfortunately located in the panic room. An employee of the company that conceived the mechanism takes part in the burglary. They attempt anything they can to penetrate into the room.





If it wasn’t for the metallic room, which is almost a character in itself because it holds such an importance in the story, this movie could have given us If I Die Before I Wake. Many elements are found in both stories. Panic Room shows originality and uses its characters to the maximum; If I Die Before I Wake, on the other hand, is shocking and realistic.

A simple idea, such as a robbery, can become very interesting in the hands of David Fincher. Each occasion to astonish is fully exploited. Furthermore, with actors like these, boredom is not an option. However, we are presented with the unscrupulous robber, the thief with a conscience and the mysterious burglar: it is difficult to have more of a cliché!

The film has its problems and they persist from the start to the end. I had a sour aftertaste of Home Alone : Meg and her daughter take immense risks, too immense for the situation. They litterally play with fire to the extreme. Two main coincidences are joined to give birth to more action but are a bit far fetched : Meg is claustrophobic and her daughter, diabetic. Therefore, it is to their advantage in finding a solution to their problem, and fast!

A film like thise one tears you away from your daily life to impose a constant shiver. It is a well realized thriller with a certain visual and auditive charm. It has its part of violence, revenge and surprises.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- Raoul jams his hand into the room’s door and suffers for a long while. Burnham refuses to help him.
- A powerful sledgehammer blow to the face.
- Junior catches fire because he doesn’t listen to the others.

Memorables characters
- Junior (Jared Leto)

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Thriller - Technology - Drama

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( 2002-04-29 )  

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