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"When life strikes harder than a bat..."

To pay off the gambling debts that put his life in danger, Conor O’Neill accepts to train a baseball team. This team is composed of the kids living in one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighbourhoods.

Surprisingly, he devotes himself more than expected to this change and becomes attached to the other team members.





As early as after their first practice, one of the children informs Conor of the constant fear he lives with. We quickly understand that this film isn’t a comedy. He wants to be accompanied back home. However, Conor doesn’t accept, concerned by his financial problems, centred on his own troubles. The unavoidable happens and the little boy is beaten up and robbed. Things start going better for Conor after he starts controlling his addiction to gambling. He discovers new values and, consequently, gets closer to his team.

In its entirety, it is a film that is easy to watch, amusing and exiting. The on-screen adaptation of afro-American teenagers living in large cities succeeds. However, the scenario where an adult, because of a special situation, learns to love the children of the team is commonplace. What distinguishes Hardball from the pack is its seriousness. We are presented with the series of usual minor obstacles, a love story, a bit of action and a painful tragedy.

After revising the film’s plot, you will have a feeling of déjà vu and maybe of lack of creativity. In is true that there is nothing new in Hardball; its innovation is the combination of the adult and child worlds.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- G-Baby hits a single to make his team win.
- G-Baby dies after a shoot-out between two gangs.

Memorables characters
- Conor O'neill (Keanu Reeves)

Released in: 2001

Movie type: Sports - Humor - Children - Drama

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( 2002-06-11 )  

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