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Dead and Rotting

"She makes you rot before you even die..."

A gang of friends working in the field of construction and renovation adventure, by curiosity, on the property of a presumed witch. While their attempt to meet the aged woman failed, they did succeed in encountering her macabre son. Being the guard of the property, he aggressively chases them off.

During the night, the three rebels come across the son, by pure chance, in a tavern. His behaviour irritates them one time too many. They chase him down and beat him up. When he gets back home, his mother is offended by their actions and, to obtain revenge, she curses them. She infects them with a skin disease and bombards them with hallucinations.

The healing process is slow but, eventually, they are revitalized and are no longer in a pleasant mood. They wish to get even. When they send two kids to vandalize the property for them, things donít go as planned and the son dies. This was the straw that broke the camelís back. The witch metamorphoses herself into an attractive young woman, charms them one by one and casts a spell on them that causes them to slowly rot until their deaths.





Because of the grain of the film and image, the uninitiated might easily be discouraged. However, the releases of Tempe Entertainment / Full Moon Pictures contain enough new material to revolutionize the digital age of horror movies. They invent nothing yet take advantage of the areas left behind by the big studios.

This film is limited to only a few characters. I have always appreciated this approach utilized by low-budget movie directors, even though it might be only because of the circumstances. We are kept in the flow of the movie and it is harder to be disinterested because we are not lost in secondary stories.

There is a problem related to the actress Debbie Rochon but we cannot blame her. It is also the case with other Scream Queens and other B-movie femme fatales: they are very sharp two-sided blades. A role such as the one Debbie held in American Nightmare fitted her perfectly. It wasnít a weak pretext to showcase her pretty face as a trophy.

It is hard to say as much about Dead and Rottingís subtlety however. A woman who has as much presence as Debbie in a movie isnít made to play secondary roles and even less share a single role with another actress. It is acceptable to be shown that the old witch still knows the secret of youth by undressing herself if served with the correct amount of humour. However, when Debbie bounces out of her bath bare-breasted and revengefully attacks, while alternating from old to young for sometimes undetermined reasons, the credibility of the film as a whole suffers. Rejuvenator exploited the theme of rejuvenation in a similar way and remained very convincing; therefore, it is not an impossible mission.

Because Dead and Rotting has more positive characteristics than negative and because watching the movie was truly pleasing, let us note the chemistry between the three heroes (who could actually be seen as three villains) was interesting, regardless of the fact that they are men in their thirties who refuse to age. There is the entrepreneur strong man, the nonchalant humorist and the big couch potato. We see them vomit, in their farmer-like underwear and each of them goes to bed with the witch during the same evening. Now that is material that we surely will not be seen anytime soon! These scenes had me chuckling.

The blood is not abundant but there are many disgusting moments that are relatively violent. The humans rot in the same way that plants would: I do not recall having seen this idea exploited elsewhere. The visual effects and makeup are good but arenít this movieís strength. Thanks to the ridiculous dialogue, the characterís uncommon behaviour, the Trent Haagaís oddities and Debbie Rochonís intensity, you will be hooked.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The three friends have sex one after the other with the sensual version of Abigail.
- Abigail controls a zombie with a split cranium and makes him recite a nursery rhyme by telephone.

Memorables characters
- Abigail (Debbie Rochon)

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Gothism - Monsters - Fantasy - Humor

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( 2002-04-26 )  

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