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We witness 24 hours in the life of a group of teenagers aged from 13 to 18 who, for the most part, come from a poor neighbourhood in New York. We see their first sexual experiences, their gang behaviour, gratuitous violence and these teenagers partying, drinking and taking drugs. Furthermore, a girl, Jennie, discovers she is infected with HIV and tries to contact the culprit to inform him. This boy, Telly, takes pleasure in sleeping with as many virgins possible, who are as young as possible, accompanied by his friend Casper.





This film depicts a sad portrait of todayís adolescence. It is not a movie to rent for its story but more for its in-your-face presentation of a hard to swallow reality. The film, in addition of sensitizing the spectators to aids, reveals a darker side of adolescence. The girl having their first sexual relations in a rather traumatising fashion and are used by the boys who party and collect their sexual conquests. These kids are all the opposite of what typical American films present to us. They are almost all under 18 and, for once, the story isnít based on graduation or on the main charactersí futile problems. They live more realistic and less fictive problems. Furthermore, this film isnít really censored, mostly for its language, which is quite crude. Also, the main characters arenít really attaching but are well played, natural and credible.

The film is in the form of a documentary, a refreshing style in this context. I truly enjoyed watching Kids even though it is troubling. Briefly, Kids is unavoidable.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The scenes where Telly takes young girlsí virginity, which are very credible.
- The starting conversation between Telly and Casper, about sex.
- The fight where all attack a black man.
- The final scene.

Memorables characters
-Casper (Justin Pierce)
-Jennie (Chloe Sevigny)
-Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick)

Released in: 1995

Movie type: Drama - Tragedy - Diseases - Taboos - Sexuality - Coarse Language

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( 2002-05-22 )  

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