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"A traveller here to study humans... and rip off their skin!"

A band of commandos search the jungle in order to find a few missing soldiers. However, something is hidden in the foliage and spies on them, follows them around and quickly starts murdering them.

Equipped with weapons destined to the enemy troops, Dutch and his men combat this voracious alien, expert in camouflage. He makes use of a panoply of frightening weapons and gadgets.





Even in a horror film, it is impossible to avoid action when Arnold Schwarzenegger is the hero. He isnít the most expressive actor and we must guess a portion of the words that come out of his mouth but his presence on screen leaves room only for him.

Predator could easily have been a science-fiction film in the same style as Alien. However, considering its dose of violence and its suspense, it succeeds in being macabre first and foremost. The Predator is mystique and both technological and bestial at the same time. At first, it stays hidden for a long while in a visual effect of transparency that is remarkable for its day. Then, gradually, it reveals itself here and there. Towards the end, sadly, he removes his mask for meaningless reasons and loses any trace of dignity. From this moment on, a duel of testosterone begins between Butch and the Predator for us all to witness.

As soon as Butch and the creature become duellists, because everyone else is dead, the true essence and originality of the film take control of the beginningís violence. Seeing a man as imposing as Arnold Schwarzenegger serve as prey to an extra-terrestrial dramatizes the situation even more. The general disposition of the film is very interesting. We quickly go from laughs to being startled. The Predatorís look, the jungle, the large arms, the gadgets, the explosions, the special effects and the actors all contribute in making Predator a classic to be watched again and again.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A soldier has his arm torn off but continues to counter-attack.
- The final battle between Butch and the Predator.

Memorables characters
- Butch (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
- The Predator (Kevin Peter Hall)

Released in: 1987

Movie type: Horror - Monsters - War - Science Fiction

In the same series:
Alien Vs. Predator

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Alien Vs. Predator
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( 2002-06-03 )  

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