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A police officer, for whom the loss of a child was a terrible challenge to live through, is put in charge of the investigation on a serial killer. The aggressor takes pleasure in mutilating his victims, each time stealing a new body part. It seems that he wishes to rebuild Jesusí body. His victims all share names with Jesusí apostles and their job is a derivate of what their associated disciple did, 2000 years ago.

Regardless of all these clues, the most important traces slip through the investigatorsí hands. Each Friday, a new cadaver is found. There are only 3 weeks left before Easter and it seems our culprit is preparing his celebration with care.





For some, serial killers are a fascinating mystery. While Se7en was dedicated to them, Resurrection depicts a less admirable picture of the serial killer. In fact, Se7en and Resurrection are sensibly the same film, with a few nuances. While the latter can easily be blamed for copying the first, let us concentrate on what was taken and what was left out. In both films, everything is dark, the murders are crude, two investigators serve as heroes, the killer uses biblical references and doesnít appear until the end of the film even though he just barely escaped being captured in his apartment towards the middle of the film. The conclusion isnít as magical as in Se7en, there arenít any startling moments and everything, sadly, is extremely predictable.

This doesnít make the film plain though. Here and there, there are add-ons to the plot that are directly related to the development of the story. For example, a police officers loses his leg after an intense pursuit scene and we devote a few minutes to him where he shares with us his terror, his loss; usually, a film would only have developed the pain aspect of the situation.

Then, a newborn is tossed around violently from left to right, a scene that will shock many, I am sure. However, if we forget the thick wall between good and evil for a second, it is an incredibly audacious and intelligent initiative. A baby, in this context, represents a hostage much more symbolic and easy to control than an adult. It is for these surprises that only rational and open-minded people will believe the film is genius. Regardless, the authors understand that their spectators are humans so more or less everything comes back to order before the ending credits.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A decapitated body.
- Jesus' reconstruction.
- A child being run over by a car.

Memorables characters
- The serial killer.

Released in: 1999

Movie type: Horror - Thriller

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( 2002-07-08 )  

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