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Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil

A priest, thirty years ago, had stabbed and burned a teenage couple on their prom night. The clergy locked him up in the basement of a monastery from which he has finally escaped, today.

In his new hiding spot, he finds four recently promoted students who planned on celebrating there, during the night. This is enough to plunge him into a murderous rage even more savage than its predecessor.





If graduation night movies didnít exist, I would have taken the initiative of creating the first one. This theme is incredibly favourable to horror for so many reasons. To this day, I sadly still await one good adaptation of the theme. This addition in the Prom Night series distances itself even more from the perfect film than its predecessors. It is vaguely comparable to the original by opposition to the other two sequels but doesnít continue the story nor does it even resemble it.

The concept is simple: a killer priest attacks four new graduates. We could expect to witness typical student behaviour: goodbyes, sex, deceptions, humiliation and everything else that cinema and reality have taught us about prom nights. There is nothing of the sort. The four main characters have everything to spend a great night but prefer to do what they would do on any usual weekend. Furthermore, the set is so dark that they become depressing. Unfortunately, this film takes itself so seriously that it becomes boring.

Horror stories that feature clergymen offend me in advance. Accordingly, this film, by all ways possible, only managed to drop in my opinion with every passing minute. The average quality of the image, the actors and the special effects will keep some viewers interested but Prom Night 4: Deliver Us from Evil is a film that will quickly be forgotten by most.

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Released in: 1992

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller - Fantasy

In the same series:
Prom Night
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
Prom Night III: The Last Kiss

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( 2002-08-30 )  

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