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"He gives dead people a new chance in life..."

Of Swiss origin, the doctor Herbert West moves into an American university under the pretext that his home country had nothing more to teach about his profession. A professor, a prestigious man of science at the university, pretends that a body can be kept active between six and twelve minutes after death. Herbert denies this; he has found the secret to eternal life. This breakthrough is enough to push the teacher into covetousness.

Since his arrival, an old school buddy and his girlfriend have lodged Herbert. She doesnít enjoy the strangerís presence and her opinion towards him concretizes itself when she learns of the experiences he has practiced on the cat she loved. There is much more to fear if the secret ends up in the wrong hands.





Re-animator is an amusing film that takes its sources in Frankenstein. With a similar solution, if not identical, to the one used four years later in Puppet Master, this film prefers not axing itself on science-fiction and develops better aspects. A fluorescent liquid is injected into a cadaver and it immediately starts to scream and struggle.

To this day, I still have trouble figuring out whether Jeffrey Combs, the one that plays the evil genius Herbert, is a terrible or an excellent actor; especially in this film. While reading his biography, if we scroll down to his most recent accomplishments, we find out that he is still playing absurd roles incarnated with tact. Regardless, he is hilarious in the role of the crazed scientist in Re-animator and he greatly contributes to what this classic has to offer.

The violence is more than sufficient and the actors are excellent in their excessive and amusing roles. All the characters are interrelated in a ridiculous manner and, fortunately, the film doesnít take itself too seriously. Each time that the situation becomes uselessly melodramatic, some un-dead creature jumps in our faces to make us smile. The film also has a few occasions to become somewhat dramatic but doesnít make use of these situations. As a notable example, it is with a frown, which I had difficulty accepting, that Megan reacts when she finds her dead cat in Herbertís fridge.

In conclusion, here is a zombie flick that gives importance to its characters, which werenít created with the sole purpose of dying. Be ready for tons of audacity and a vague atmosphere of dark humour. .

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Herbert West fighting the un-dead cat.
- Doctor Hill walking around with an artificial head, having lost his original one.

Memorables characters
- Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs)

Released in: 1985

Movie type: Horror - Monsters - Humor - Love

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( 2002-09-01 )  

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