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Return of the Living Dead Part II

Children adventure into the sewers and discover a barrel filled with the same gaseous substance that had animated the dead a few years ago, in a morgue. Thanks to their curiosity, they give birth to an even bigger disaster than before.

Two grave robbers and a few adolescents survive the contaminated mass but are prey to the horde of zombies that it has awoken. A large portion of the town is infected and hiding spots are becoming rare.





If the first movie did a good job dosing humour, horror and personality, this one limits itself to humour as immature as its characters. Our hero is a ten-year-old child and has a reason to combat all these un-dead creatures without suffering the slightest scratch.

The two actors (Thom Mathews and James Karen) that gave the original its sting are reincarnated into two new entities and are as successful at getting into trouble as in this movie’s predecessor.

It is difficult to get hooked to such a film without being a pre-adolescent (for whom it is illegal to watch the film). The laughs that this will movie will pull from you will be brief and sarcastic. Still, a few special effects will surpass the ones achieved in the original Return of the Living Dead, especially the mutilations.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- An autonomous torn-off torso.
- An autonomous torn-off head.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1988

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Monsters - Humor

In the same series:
Return of the Living Dead, The
Return of the Living Dead III

Films in similar category:
Night Life
Return of the Living Dead, The
Bride of Chucky

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( 2002-09-01 )  

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