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Fly II, The

Years ago, Seth Brundle, a genetic scientist, accidentally transformed himself into a fly during an experiment gone wrong. The laboratory that took over Sethís research (and teleportation device) has studied his son, Martin, since his birth.

Martin has just been offered his first apartment, his first job and is living his first love. Still, his puberty is far from being usual. His chromosomes phenomenally increase his growth rate. He was born only five years ago but has the profile of an adolescent. However, in the near future, his human disguise will fall. Just like his father, he is slowly transforming into a giant murderous insect.





The Fly 2 is a logical sequel. After the events in its predecessor, it is credible that the teleportation devices end up in some scientific firmís hands. Furthermore, it is also believable that Sethís son is the one who should continue the research, because of heredity. Compared to the original that wanted to be simple, concise and progressive, The Fly 2 chooses to incorporate many exterior elements. This isnít necessarily a bad idea but the sequel loses the essence of its predecessor.

Stathis is the only character to follow up his role in the original. The relation between Martin and his newfound girlfriend is quick and therefore doesnít help create a dramatic metamorphosis. While The Fly used a slow yet constant rhythm, its sequel starts by introducing its numerous characters, makes us understand Martinís situation and presents the most recent changes in his life. Then, we jump to the metamorphosis; everything we would like to see with more detail is briefly shown in dark settings. Before we even know it, itís complete. A few moments later, Martin has six legs and an attitude. He then begins a lengthy rampage, cruelly decrementing the laboratoryís employee population.

It is because of films like this one that sequels have a bad reputation. The nostalgia felt for the original is rarely fulfilled: the writers are afraid of being repetitive and try to innovate and surpass. They most often neglect simplicity, rhythm and subtlety. Still, a few many enjoy this formula more than the original. Regardless, by leaving what made The Fly a horror film behind, its sequel is better characterized as a science-fiction drama.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A guard has his head squished between the floor and an elevator.
- Someoneís face is disintegrated by a spray of acid.
- Martinís compassion for his mutating dog, dying, having trouble feeding itself after a failed experiment.

Memorables characters
- Martin (Eric Stoltz)

Released in: 1989

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Monsters - Science Fiction - Technology - Love

In the same series:
Fly, The (remake)

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( 2002-11-04 )  

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